The QRS 101 system in detail

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QRS “Official Trusted Dealer”

Dear Visitor,

QRS INTERNATIONAL AG is the brand owner of the international QRS brand. The company is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of the QRS product range. Our products offer the best quality and reliability.

QRS has been copied by many manufacturers. The incomparable QRS quality has not been achieved in any form or effect by any manufacturer. But not only our products were copied, but also our extensive medical-scientific know-how.

We have the best scientists and technicians. We have to invest a lot of money for this. The copiers, on the other hand, steal our know-how without doing the same work as our company.

The copies contain many errors, some of which falsify our ORIGINAL descriptions. Our texts and studies are distributed under other names. We try to bring these companies to court. But this always takes a long time.

Therefore, only trust the partners and trustworthy dealers certified by QRS INTERNATIONAL AG. You can check this by making sure that our certificate logo can be seen on the website and the images used.

If this is not the case, the provider cannot be an official, certified partner and trustworthy dealer of QRS INTERNATIONAL AG!

QRS INTERNATIONAL AG is the only ORS manufacturer in the world that you can trust!



If you have purchased an QRS product, from a certified partner and trusted dealer of QRS INTERNATIONAL AG, you have many advantages.

Your advantages

  • Original hardware directly from the manufacturer

  • Worldwide, free medical-scientific support based on study databases with over 10,000 studies reviewed (evidence-based)

  • Highest product know-how for correct therapy settings and recommendations

  • Individual free user support

  • Fastest response time to user requests

  • Fastest repair service with in-house technicians

Requirements for using QRS services

  • Your QRS product must demonstrably be purchased from a QRS International AG certified dealer

  • QRS ORIGINAL product certificate must be verified upon direct request

  • For all warranty claims and all services, the ORIGINAL invoice must be issued by the certified dealer

Disadvantages if you do NOT buy from a certified QRS dealer

  • Possibly product counterfeiting or plagiarism

  • No medical-scientific support and product advice

  • No answer to user questions

  • No product guarantee

  • No repair service

  • You buy an old device (e.g. storage)

How to check

If you want to purchase an ORIGINAL QRS product, you should pay attention to the following features

  • Does the dealer own the QRS ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE LOGO (also on the website)?

  • Do you get qualified advice before buying?

  • Have you been advised of the possibility of medical and scientific advice?

  • Does your invoice say the dealer is a certified QRS INTERNATIONAL AG partner?

  • Is it maybe a cheap product with a dumping price?

What can you do if you are unsure?


Recovery and Performance Enhancement

More team doctors and chiropractors are introducing the QRS

technology to the professional sports teams, with the purpose to improve

performance and faster rehabilitation after training or injury.

We are the proud sponsors and supporters of the following sports associations





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Ken Crenshaw

 Director Of Sports Medicine & Performance Arizona Diamondbacks

We have used the QRS throughout the course of the 2017 season. The technology fits our treatment and sports performance profile perfectly. We blend a combination of manual therapies with bioenergetic therapies to give our athletes the best possible outcomes. QRS has a strong scientific research background and proprietary features, this is what gives me confidence that QRS is delivering the faster recovery time edge that we are looking for.

Evgeny Platov

4 time Olympic Gold Medal Winner

I had an accident and tore my rotator cuff and could not lift my arm. I was in incredible pain and after only 3 sessions with this QRS therapy, I was completely out of pain and could lift my arm 85%.

J.D. Drew

Boston Red Sox Outfielder

I cannot believe how I feel! That QRS machine is absolutely amazing. I went into spring training with a little bit of inflammation in my knee. I put the machine on it and immediately the swelling was gone.

Arnie Kander

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Professional Athletes

This QRS therapy has been very complimentary to my normal protocols. When it comes to tissue healing and recovery, I have seen a 50% to 70% reduction in healing time and more for an assortment of soft tissue and groin injuries & all sorts of orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries. I have seen wound healing at an incredible rate...75% quicker healing than just the normal standard protocols alone.

Testimonials from the professional world