QRS Accessories

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The QRS applicators can be operated with the QRS 101 home system.

The applicators act specifically on the respective local body region.

QRS eye applicator $600

The QRS eyeglass applicator (2019 model) is lighter than its predecessor


The QRS glasses applicator is mainly used for the treatment or beautification of the eye area. From the feedback from ophthalmologists who practice the QRS 101 in combination with the QRS 402 glasses especially on female patients, we know that a reduction in dark circles and a wrinkle smoothing can be achieved. This effect can occur due to the circulation-enhancing effect of the eye area. A recommendation for optimal results is to combine the QRS application with a moisturizing emulsion, such as a hyaluronic acid. A prescription-improving or changing effect does not occur! Studies on cataracts (cataracts) have not led to any significant positive results!


NOTE: We refer to our information on this page -> Circulatory disorders -> Paragraph "Microcirculation for the purpose of maintaining health".

QRS ear applicator $600

The new QRS ear applicator (model 2019) is smaller and lighter than its predecessor.


The QRS ear applicator is used for auricular symptoms. It can be an additional measure to improve the arterial blood flow to the ear environment - for example in the case of tinnitus therapy or wound healing of an injured ear. The QRS 403 headphones can be folded to save space.


NOTE: We refer to our information on this topic on the page -> Anti-inflammatory -> Paragraph “PEMF studies wound healing”.

QRS pen applicator $600

QRS pen combination of therapy laser and QRS frequencies

The QRS pen applicator is used for local and selective treatment, such as for local pain treatment of the joints, fingers, teeth and wound healing of smaller wounds. A soft laser is integrated in the pen tip. The therapeutic laser light penetrates deep layers of the subcutaneous tissue and acts directly on the connective tissue. The soft laser is used, for example, to regenerate the skin, to treat minor wrinkles, minor injuries, abscesses and to treat the skin. The combination of therapy laser and QRS frequencies has an optimal effect on the body region to be treated.

The QRS pen is used, for example, by dentists when it comes to reducing toothache - without or in conjunction with medicinal administration.


NOTE: We refer to our information on this topic on the page -> Pain relief -> Paragraph “Mammals have a magnetic field receptor”.

QRS signal tester MFT2

QRS MFT2 for the functional test


The MFT2 magnetic field tester can be used to check the signal strength, the frequencies and the pulse waves of the various QRS 101 programs. The reliable device can test the height and intensity of the QRS magnetic field and outputs the test result directly via an LED display and a parallel, acoustic signal. The test device cannot be influenced or manipulated, neither by other frequencies, such as mobile radio, CEPT, WLAN etc., nor in its handling.


NOTE: The QRS MFT2 is primarily designed for the function test and for testing the effective field range of the QRS 101.

The new design stand for the QRS 101 home system

The design of the impresses with simple and functional elegance. Made of aluminum and with a surface finish, the design stand offers a secure stand for practical, convenient operation of the QRS 101 control unit.


Height: 85 cm, width: 25 cm, depth: 35 cm, weight: 8 kg, aluminum, surface-finished

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