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The QRS application is usually free of side effects. However, the appropriate setting must be taken into account for all indications. In certain cases or situations, the QRS application is either restricted or not recommended.

Sensitive people

In very sensitive people, it can lead to a temporary initial worsening of symptoms after the first QRS applications. Sensitive people are therefore advised to set the therapy intensity low at the beginning of QRS therapy. The intensity can gradually be increased over time and with physical adaptation.


QRS should not be used during an acute migraine attack. A migraine attack can worsen due to the blood circulation-promoting effect. Any treatment to combat migraines is recommended only in seizure-free periods.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches should only be treated with the QRS Vital program at low intensity (sensitive up to level 4.


In the case of an existing pregnancy, private QRS use is not recommended. It is advisable to consult a QRS doctor.

Epilepsy, severe hyperthyroidism and severe cardiac arrhythmia (evidence of atrial fibrillation)

A QRS application is not recommended for these indications unless under the care of a physician.

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