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Improved Cell Regeneration

A Longer Healthier & Vital Life


The cell wall and the cell nucleus are intact.

The cell is ultimately fed, therefore the body stays vital and healthy. 


The cell membrane shrinks and cannot absorb nutrients & oxygen to survive.

The cell perishes & decomposition begins.


The Indicator Of Cellular Health

If the cell voltage decreases...

the risk of disease can increase substantially!

  • Optimal cell voltage is between -100Mv and -70Mv

  • At -60Mv the cell is weakened

  • Cancer cells usually have a cell voltage below -20Mv 

Cell Voltage decreases naturally with age

...Ion Transport increases cell voltage


The Regulation of Cell Voltage

And How Cells Get Energy & Detox

The cells are the basic modules of life. The more permeable a cell is to vitamins, minerals and oxygen, the better a cell will function.

Only this Therapy has the worldwide "patented" technology to accomplish the transport of hydrogen-calcium-sodium-potassium-chloride and magnesium ions.

Because of that, better supply of nutrients to the cell is possible and at the same time cells are freed from waste products and toxins.


Thus the cell stays vital, is better equipped and promotes self-regeneration.


The process of moving sodium and potassium ions across the cell membrance is an active transport process involving the hydrolysis of ATP to provide the necessary energy. It involves an enzyme referred to as Na+/K+-ATPase. This process is responsible for maintaining the large excessof Na+ outside the cell and the large excess of K+ ions on the inside. A cycle of the transport process is sketched below. It accomplishes the transport of three Na+ to the outside of the cell and the transport of two K+ ions to the inside. This unbalanced charge transfer contributes to the separation of charge across the membrane. The sodium-potassium pump is an important contributer to action potential produced by nerve cells. This pump is called a P-type ion pump because the ATP interactions phosphorylates the transport protein and causes a change in its conformation.


Stimulates Ion Transport Of The Cell Membrane Potential & Improves

Oxygen In The Blood​

Darkfield Microscopy - Before

During 5 Minutes of Therapy

15 Minutes After Therapy


Increases blood volume, oxygen supply & relaxes tense hardened muscles & vessels

Blood Vessel
Magnetic Field

The magnetic frequencies shift ions. As a result of this shift and thus change in the ion concentration, in particular the protons, the pH value at the vessel wall also changes accordingly (acid / base status).

Due to the pH change on the vessel wall Ca ++ (calcium) is released from proteins and lipids. Thus already formed atherosclerotic deposits can be solved again.

Baroreceptors are responsible for blood pressure

As a result of the further magnetic field pressure and the depolarization of the vessel walls, the ions can then be transported through the vessel walls and cell membranes.

By lowering the pH, receptors are sensitized. Now, these receptors can do their job, high blood pressure and low blood pressure are normalized and many other parameters are regulated.

  • a complete depth effect, since at every point of the organism fields and currents are built up, even in the smallest blood vessels, where previously only pharmaceuticals could provide the necessary regulation.

  • an enhancement of the body's own weakened fields to strengthen and stabilize the bones, to exchange cellular nutrients and waste, to rebuild the proteins, to regenerate the cell components and to increase the effectiveness of the immune system.

  • a harmonization of decoupled pacemakers (oscillators) for the balance of tension and relaxation in the autonomic nervous system, for the gentle expansion of convulsed blood vessels, for the initiation of rest and sleep rhythm and in the morning automatically for the initiation of the performance phase


Stimulates the piezoelectric effect

without motion training


Our skeletal system is altered constantly. Certain bone cells "osteoclasts" are only intended to diminish the bone. "Osteoblasts" build them up again.

With the help of stimulants like hormones and a lot of motion the bone remains in a healthy balance.

With every compression, motion generates an electricity flow in the bone causing the so called "piezoelectric effect". This electricity flow is the stimulant on which the osteoblast , the bone builders, strongly react.

Natural Endorphins

In the human brain there are a large number of opioid receptors. If these opioid receptors are covered by a morphine based medicine or by endogenous opiates "endorphins", even the strongest pain can be eliminated according to the pain scale. Then no pain exist.