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The term “magnetic field therapy” is understood to mean a biophysical, therapeutic process that induces an electrical voltage in the human body, comparable to a “charging voltage”, through an electromagnetically generated alternating field of low intensity. The very low induction generated in the body cells should primarily have a positive influence on any deficits in the cell voltage of body cells.


It is undisputed that all processes in our organism work through biological electricity. The entire "branch" of magnetic field therapy is based on these basic ideas. The improvement of human bio-electricity is the “global” goal of magnetic therapy.


One of the fundamental questions about magnetic field therapy is the amount of the administration dose, i.e. the intensity of the magnetic field used, as well as the choice of the frequencies used and, most importantly, the use of the correct amplitude, in German, of the pulse or vibration form used.


Observations on the biological effectiveness of low-frequency alternating magnetic fields were first published by Friedrich Beer in 1902. The proof of the effect and the proof of the harmlessness of the magnetic field therapy were only provided by QRS in the 1970s.


With its inventors and founders, QRS has undeniably set the initial milestone in the field of bio-electricity. Through our cooperation with the “bioelectrician” Dr. Becker, whose findings in body and environmental electricity set standards, we were able to show that most biological processes in the mammalian organism, including the entire cell metabolism, can be positively or negatively influenced as chemo-electrical processes by electrically generated magnetic fields ,


Although the influence of electromagnetic fields has been scientifically proven unequivocally and to date numerous facts about magnetic field therapy have been worked out as useful, possibly adjuvant therapy, the reservation regarding the effect of magnetic energies is still widespread today. Even evidence-based studies could not change much in this situation. Magnetic therapy is dismissed by some as a matter of belief, although the influence of electric fields or magnetic fields can definitely not be denied.


So it is scientifically clear that the human organism with all its life functions is an "electrical law" system that inevitably has to experience a positive or negative change through the action of all energetic components. With the help of our sensory organs, we can filter some of the currents and energies that affect us in order to create a projection and perception of our environment or environment that is important for our survival.


Energy effects that we cannot “perceive”, cannot see or at least “feel” are classified by us as non-existent and are therefore ignored. Nevertheless, these invisible effects of energy are omnipresent. In humans, magnetic energy is not absorbed by specific organ units, but is largely absorbed by non-specific aggregates of the body. These primary processes cannot be consciously analyzed through human perception. However, they are a trigger for various secondary symptoms, some with vegetative reflex and amplifier consequences.


Although imperceptible and not immediately perceptible, any electrical or magnetic energy induces an alternating voltage in the body's electrolytes with an inevitable consequence. A good example is the influence of the weather with its different frequencies, e.g. the good weather frequency. Although weather changes are not immediately noticeable, everyone reacts to changing weather situations. Another example is the ever increasing frequency of depression in the winter season.

Extract from work Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Manfred Krauss, Technology Center Chemnitz, QRS co-developer Prof. König:

Across the entire frequency spectrum, i.e. from static processes to the high-frequency range, there are electromagnetic processes of natural origin in our immediate vicinity, which are of enormous biological importance. One can classify these electromagnetic signals with regard to their frequencies or use the respective wavelengths for description that such electromagnetic processes would have if they would propagate as waves in free space. Apart from static phenomena, it is internationally customary, among other things, to use long wave radiation to denote such low-frequency processes with frequencies below one Hertz that are in the ULF (Ultra-Low-Frequency) range, followed by the ELF (Extremely) - Range (up to 1… 3 kHz) and then from the VLF (Very Low Frequency) range.


While the "fair weather frequencies" have frequency ranges of approx. 8 - 13 Hz and are called "signal type I" according to König, signal type II is connected to the frequency range of the delta rhythm of the EEG and shows, locally limited, mostly severe weather disturbances on. Compared to the signal type I, it thus symbolizes "the opposite pole, the disturbed, restless, anomalous, unbalanced". According to Varga, weather sensitivity as "locally increased irritability" manifests itself in "weather pain", in all its grades "up to excruciating pain, namely with abnormally altered tissue, with all kinds of scars, broken bones, amputation stumps, inflamed bursa, and chronically ill Joints and inflammatory tissue at all. ”There are several works that indicate that between the weather fronts and the frequency of z. B. Heart attacks with acute cardiac death are causally related. Varga points out that the interaction between meteorological processes and biological reactions has been dealt with in many works for over 200 years.


Note: In our literature offer “Body Electricity” (ISBN 3-9520560-5-7) and “Weather Sensitivity” (ISBN 3-908560-00-4) we explain the relationships, to what extent and in what form chemo-electrical processes induced tension, consequences on our organism and our well-being.

Biological electricity plays an essential role on our earth. The origin of QRS is based on this fact and was founded by the founder Prof. Dr. Fischer AG put on a scientific basis. QRS has been researching and developing for 30 years. A scientific fund and standard has been created in the magnetic field industry, which has so far been essential.


With our scientific investigations and resulting analyzes, we can rightly claim that every energy, every electromagnetic field, whether natural or artificial, whether perceptible or not, has a massive impact on the electrical potential of a body cell. These influences are proven factually and not a question of belief, even if many dismiss the influences of magnetic therapy as such.

The effects of magnetic therapy on cell and tissue metabolism

Most cells, with the exception of the nerve and brain cells, are short-lived and continuously regenerate. A functioning cell metabolism is necessary for the proper functioning of cell renewal. The cell absorbs oxygen and vital enzymes and excretes waste and toxins.


The cell membrane of the body cell - like a battery - has a positive and negative polarity. In the optimal case, the human body cell has an electrical voltage potential in the range from 70 to 90 mV. This voltage potential primarily serves for the perfect “operation” of the “cell power plants”, the mitochondria. Among other things, they are responsible for a functioning exchange of sodium, potassium and calcium ions and are of crucial importance for vegetative processes.


Stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and the effects of pollution, especially radiation and electrosmog, lead to a partial loss or disruption of the electrical potential of a body cell. Cells that are disturbed by negative influences are no longer capable of metabolism and become susceptible. Tissues and organs become ill with them and are formed by these disturbed (sometimes mutating) cells.


The potential “field of activity” of “local” magnetic therapy lies in diseases that can be attributed to a weakening or even a failure of the cell potential. If, by applying a pulsating magnetic field, it is possible to supply the cell with the energy it needs to build up and maintain its electro-biological potential, functionally impaired or even diseased cells can undertake their metabolism again and thereby regenerate. If the desired regeneration event does not occur, at least the newly generated cells have an improved potential for tension and thus (in the medium to long term) produce healthy, rather than pathological tissue.


In the numerous experiments carried out by QRS developers in the eighties and nineties, it became clear that the beneficial influence of an external pulsing magnetic field therapy can only be guaranteed if they can support adequate functional parameters at the scene, i.e. during therapy. This presupposes that the bandwidth of the frequencies used and their pulse shape are available and can be adapted as exactly as possible to the intended effect.


Failure to observe the essential parameters creates a therapeutically nonsensical and ineffective or even harmful magnetic field. As mentioned at the beginning, electric fields inevitably have positive and negative consequences. Inadequate know-how of a manufacturer, resulting in incorrect settings, can even have negative effects for the user. The purchase of an unsuitable magnetic field therapy device or, as is popularly called, a “magnetic field mat”, can therefore be more than a complete bad investment!

About conventional medicine recognition

In view of the extensive material of experimental and clinical findings as well as many studies (including randomized double-blind studies) and although innumerable sick people were able to benefit from the achievements of magnetic field therapy, it is extremely surprising that many doctors still do not take magnetic field therapy seriously , Thousands of recorded QRS logs - primarily analyzed for use monitoring over a decade - testify that QRS magnetic therapy has helped many disease-affected people lead better lives with better quality of life.


So why, despite the positive feedback from so many people, is it still not recognized by conventional medicine? And why is conventional medicine not happy that people who have mostly experienced an odyssey of suffering and hopelessness have found a solution for themselves?


The answer to this must be viewed in a differentiated way. On the one hand, a large number of magnetic field providers are to blame for this fact. You or their distributors have damaged the image of the therapeutic procedure in the past with nonsensical, sometimes dangerous healing promises. Not only in the professional world, but also among consumers. On the other hand, the therapeutic and success potential of magnetic field therapy has not yet been fully exploited. Unfortunately, some magnetic field studies that do not originate from QRS have not turned out to be as positive due to completely wrong therapy parameters and device settings as they could or should have been if the correct parameters were observed.


Another answer to the lack of acceptance of conventional medicine is that it is simply not interesting for them to tackle the causes. This situation is also due to the fact that the health system cannot deal with the individual person - especially due to time and cost reasons.


Without questioning the achievements of traditional medicine or the available medication, our concern - as well as other alternative methods - is to recognize the justification of the useful alternative medical procedures. We are sure that one day this will take place. Like many other insights of our time, many of them were not taken seriously in the past or even smiled at and revised at a later point in time.


Magnetic field therapy is not the only alternative therapy method and does not claim to be. There are some useful and valuable therapy options and solutions for those affected, including those from other cultures in our world. The ideal way is to combine the therapy methods with the individual “mindset” of the patient. It is a known fact that the inner attitude of a sick person can have a positive effect on the success of therapy or the course of recovery.


With its founders and scientists, QRS is the initiating pioneer in the history of pulsed magnetic field therapy (PEMF) and has been dedicated to individual people from the very beginning. Decades of careful development work by more than a dozen renowned scientists, accompanied by countless examinations and tests, have helped to create the scientific foundations of QRS magnetic field therapy. The enumeration of all details and achievements would go beyond the scope.


Last but not least, it can be seen as proven that pulsating magnetic field therapy according to Prof. Dr. Fischer, cause a dilation of the blood vessels, as well as favor the so-called ion transport. The “optional wording” refers to the individual disease situation of humans. Similar to the intensity of action of a pharmaceutical drug, it is not certain how a patient will react to the drug administration in the expected manner.


In any case, it is clear that an improved blood flow increases the oxygen partial pressure of the blood and in the positive consequence the substrate pressure for the tissue. The nervous system in particular is sensitive to it. Hypotheses and evidence from experimental investigations by the QRS scientists, but also from the extensively recorded application experience, show a clear activation of the body's own opioid system, as well as significant support for the body's own regeneration and self-healing processes, based on improved bio-mechanical processes and the increase in the potential of existing ones and newly produced body cells.


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