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2-time Nobel Prize winner Prof. Linus Pauling (1901 to 1994)

25 years ago, in January 1994, Dr. Fischer representative, Dr. Stern (medical journalist) met Prof. Linus Pauling in California on his farm in Big Sur for a personal interview. Prof. Pauling had previously Fischer received and studied the American patent elaborations on "ion transport and the covering of the cell biological window" (cell amplitude window). In parallel, he had a QRS prototype and the book concept of Dr. Fischer about quantum therapy.


The intended collaboration with Prof. Pauling was based on Dr. Fischer's basic idea of ​​introducing micro- and macronutrients into cells much better. This is particularly taking into account that the "modern" person no longer exercises enough - as provided by nature - to maintain the natural processes in the body.


Dr. Fischer's thesis: "There are no diseases, there are only sick cells", met with unreserved approval from Prof. Pauling. Prof. Pauling was a two-time Nobel laureate. In 1954 he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on the nature of chemical bonds in the human organism and in 1963 he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Prof. Pauling was the first to discover vitamin C and was once considered a vitamin pab. He was the founder of the Linom Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine in Palo Alto, California.


Dr. Stern was surprised at how enthusiastic Linus Pauling is about the pioneering spirit of Dr. Fischer had said: “He appeared at the right time, in the right place with the right idea and would certainly bring about a paradigm shift in medicine with his new quantum medicine. The reform of conventional medicine has long been overdue and the reformer is probably called Dr. Fischer.


Linus Pauling confirmed Dr. Stern, he would use Dr. Fischer, who was still nameless at the time, would use it twice a day and he would feel a significant increase in energy. He stated that mankind needs this device, from the child to the old man, so that the electrobiological processes in the human body can be restored, which would otherwise only be achieved by min. an hour of sport or 10 km of walking can of course be generated.


Prof. Linus Pauling was ready to further scientifically secure this system with us, to conduct appropriate clinical research and recommended that we should also include the medical pioneer in this area, Prof. Dr. Include Robert O. Becker in our development.


Dr. Stern discussed the future collaboration with QRS with Prof. Pauling and agreed on it. To the great regret of everyone involved, Prof. Pauling was no longer able to implement his plans with QRS. He died of prostate cancer 8 months later at the age of 93. However, Prof. Pauling's recommendation started another, fruitful collaboration with the expert in "body electricity", Prof. Dr. O. Becker.

Prof. Becker had Dr. Fischer understood exactly; Such a therapy can not work with individual frequencies, but only with frequency packets of specific frequency patterns, which must also be modeled 100% on the biological, that is, the body's own frequencies. Thanks to the combined effect of pulse frequency, pulse shape, and pulse energy with the right “transmitting antenna”, it is possible to inject ions from the intracellular electrolyte fluid directly and directly into the surrounding vessel walls and membranes. Prof. Becker was also completely convinced of this with his intellectual freshness and sound expertise. Prof. Becker not only contributed to the development of QRS devices and some therapeutic functions, but also the scientific background in the medical consortium of Prof. Dr. Fischer AG network shown and clarified.


For example, Prof. Pauling made a significant contribution to QRS beyond his death, following his recommendation from Prof. Becker. In collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. O. Becker created the book project "The Body Electric - Body Electricity - Electromagnetism and the Origin of Life" (ISBN: 3-9520560-5-7), which became a bestseller in the USA.

2-time Nobel Prize winner Prof. Linus Pauling (1901 to 1994)

Prof. Dr. med. Robert O. Becker with QRS scientist Prof. Eddi Mayer

Prof. Dr. med. Robert O. Becker with QRS Salut

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