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Travel Therapy System

Integrated BioFeedback Sensor

The patented BioFeedback Sensor quickly and precisely reads/measures information from your body that it needs to optimally adjust your system to your functions. The result is an optimal application, customized for your body. The adjustment of your system is controlled automatically by your BioFeedback Sensor.

The 201 features a biofeedback sensor integrated into the control unit. To determine the right field strength, hold the control unit close to your body opposite the applicator (as shown on right) and press feedback and your therapy begins.

The Solution for on the Go

The Travel Therapy System is small, light and handy for mobile therapy at home and on the move. 

Pure Mobility - "Wireless"


The Travel Therapy System is wireless and has a rechargeable battery system.
This allows you to use it for many hours mobile and without power connection at any

location. Be it in the airplane, car, train, bus or simply on a sundeck.


The Travel Therapy System generates the same signals as the portable system and all applicators, including the whole body mat, can be operated. Depending on the intensity setting, the system can be operated for up to 10 days without recharging during normal use.

Purewave Travel System Complete Set

With the Travel Therapy System, the user receives a handy control unit with a built-in rechargeable battery, a charger and a pillow applicator for local body treatment. The entire set comes in a small and handy bag. 

All system properties correspond to the Full Body Therapy System. The best solution for the road.