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Recovery and Performance Enhancement

More team doctors and chiropractors are introducing the Purewave

technology to the professional sports teams, with the purpose to improve

performance and faster rehabilitation after training or injury.

We are the proud sponsors and supporters of the following sports associations









“We have used the QRS throughout the course of the 2017 season. The technology fits our treatment and sports performance profile perfectly. We blend a combination of manual therapies with bioenergetic therapies to give our athletes the best possible outcomes. 


For convenience, we use it on the training tables as we are providing various manual therapy treatments for our athletes. This allows us to maximize our efforts and efficiency in a shorter amount of treatment time. I also love the portability aspect of the battery operated Purewave 201. It’s great for travel as we can use it on the plane, the bus or even in the dugout if necessary.”


QRS has a strong scientific research background and proprietary features, this is what gives me confidence that QRS is delivering the faster recovery time edge that we are looking for.


Thank you for introducing this complimentary therapy.

Ken Crenshaw - Director Of Sports Medicine & Performance Arizona Diamondbacks

One QRS session & my knee was 100% pain free that lasted 2 weeks.

Paul Pratt, Former Detroit Lions Cornerback

“I have had years of damage and injuries playing football.


After my very first session, I felt immediate relief...

and after 10 days of only using the QRS therapy, I was able to "completely eliminate" all my medications.

Bart Oates, Retired NFL Player, 3 Time Super Bowl Champion, 5 Time Pro Bowl Starter

"This QRS therapy has been very complimentary to my normal protocols. When it comes to tissue healing and recovery, I have seen a 50% to 70% reduction in healing time and more for an assortment of soft tissue and groin injuries & all sorts of orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries. I have seen wound healing at an incredible rate...

75% quicker healing than just the normal standard protocols alone”

Arnie Kander, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Professional Athletes

"I cannot believe how I feel!

That QRS machine is absolutely amazing. I went into spring training with a little bit of inflammation in my knee. I put the machine on it and immediately the swelling was gone.

J.D. Drew, Boston Red Sox Outfielder

"I had an accident and tore my rotator cuff and could not lift my arm. I was in incredible pain and after only 3 sessions with this QRS therapy, I was completely out of pain and could lift my arm 85%.

Evgeny Platov, 4 time Olympic Gold Medal Winner

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