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How does QRS ® differ from other providers?

Biologically electrical signaling processes control the life of every cell

Many human, especially chronic diseases are caused by defective or deregulated, cellular potentials. The Prof. Dr. Fischer AG has determined that all biological-electrical signaling processes in the human body, as well as in nature, take place in the form of a so-called E function. This E function is therefore an expression of all living things. The QRS ® 101 home system is based on this biological e-function curve.


Due to the patent protection of the QRS ® signal, several providers / manufacturers, some of whom were originally employees of QRS ® , tried to circumvent the QRS ® patent protection by means of other frequency waves. Some have tried to get as close as possible to QRS ® when simulating signals, others have developed completely absurd frequency signals due to lack of experience or technical possibilities, the signals of which sometimes even represent an electrosmog load rather than being positive or even negative could have a health-promoting effect.

Patented technology that cannot be copied

For example, after being accused of patent infringement, another provider simulated the QRS ® E function in the form of an E function silhouette, but using sine waves that increase in amplitude (intensity) from wave to wave. Although this creates a single stimulus in the form of a so-called envelope curve, it does not change the biological nonsense, the sine waves used. In addition to the shape of the signal, there is another important aspect that receives little attention: This is the chronological sequence of the signal curve, which must be precisely matched to the natural inertia of the particles (quanta). Hence the name QRS ® , pronounced quantum resonance system ® .

If neither the correct shape of the amplitude, with the correspondingly coordinated timing, nor the right frequencies are used, the effect must consequently be significantly weaker compared to a system that takes these parameters into account. The result is a largely drastic reduction in the achievable therapeutic success chances.

Unique QRS ® ion transport

QRS ® is the only provider that not only generates an electrically pulsating magnetic field that complies with all important parameters, but also achieves a natural effect, the so-called piezoelectric effect, also known as pressure electricity. The patented ion transport is brought about by the E function of the QRS ® signal. The QRS ® signal pushes (and pulls) ions to the cell membrane, so that the cell's membrane potential will inevitably increase. As a result, the cell has a higher voltage potential. This effect is otherwise only possible through active movement and has an enormous impact, for example on influencing the improvement of bone density.

Knowledge of frequencies

The frequency range of QRS ® reflects the frequencies occurring in nature and in the human organism. For example, the fair weather frequency is a discovery among others by Prof. König, who joined the development team of Prof. Dr. Fischer AG belonged. The QRS ® book "Body Electricity" (ISBN 3-9520560-5-7), a bestseller in the USA, was created in collaboration with Prof. Becker, the best-known pioneer in this field. As a "by-product" of frequency research by Prof. Dr. Fischer's development team has therefore also published the specialist book "Electrosmog" (ISBN 3-8311-3097-3).


Previous images: Excerpt from the QRS literature: on the left the QRS guide book, 2nd from left: Prof. Becker's body electricity, the QRS bestseller, 3rd from left: Molecular biological textbook on the biological effects of electric fields and radiation by Dr , Varga, right; Prof. König on weather frequencies and their study-examined effects.

The researchers around Prof. Dr. At that time, Fischer noticed an important aspect, namely the negative influence of household electrical power with a frequency of 50 Hz. That is why QRS® has always filtered out the frequency of 50 Hz. This is also a QRS ® proprietary process that no other manufacturer offers.

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