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QRS has recorded and analyzed several thousand therapy protocols (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, India) over a decade. Furthermore, a large number of scientific studies and studies on the QRS 101 home system (previously Salut) and the QRS magnetic field therapy were carried out. The QRS group published relevant specialist literature, such as the following:


QRS customer field study

Biometric analysis of 74 reviews with QRS

1st edition, 2001, German, 42 pages, ISBN 3-908560-06-03

The textbook describes the results of a biometric analysis of over 74 diagnoses in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system using the magnetic field therapy device, the first QRS system model QRS Salut. An excerpt from a field study with 30,000 QRS users and 100 case studies. The author deals with the problem and the objectives of the study and also sheds light on the pros and cons of magnetic fields, their effects in the body, references to literature as well as experimental planning and patient care. The results of the analysis are divided into tolerability, effectiveness and a subgroup analysis.

Body Electricity

This book is the German translation of the original

"The Body Electric" by Prof. Dr. med. RO Becker, USA

3rd edition, 1999, German, 456 pages, ISBN 3-9520560-5-7

The author Prof. Dr. med. R. 0. Becker (proposed twice for the Nobel Prize) is internationally known for his spectacular research in the field of body electricity. He reports on the fascinating history of our bioelectric self. Prof. Dr. Becker - THE pioneer in the field of regeneration and its relation to electrical currents in living organisms, challenges the common mechanistic understanding of our body. Prof. Dr. Becker shows that body electricity is responsible for the regeneration of limbs, spinal columns, nerve tracts and organs and thus refers to the potential of QRS.


Molecular biological evidence of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation, Dr. Varga, University of Heidelberg

1st edition, 2002, German, 177 pages, ISBN 3-8311-3097-3

Dr. Varga provides technical explanations on the subject of electromagnetic fields and their biological effects. Versatile, richly illustrated and always scientifically substantiated, Varga guides you through topics such as electricity and magnetism, low frequency and high frequency, nature and technology, biosignals and electro-sensitivity, cell communication, pineal gland, calcium and cancer. He reports on his experiments with animals, demonstrates health risks, criticizes official limit values ​​and warns against the unconscious handling of everyday EM fields.

QRS gonarthrosis, rheumatism, arthrosis, pain

A randomized double-blind study with QRS Salut 1. Univ. Prof. Dr. G. Fischer, Univ. Prof. Dr. RB Pelka, Doz.Dr. Z. Turk

1st edition, 2001, German, 34 pages, ISBN 3-908560-03-9


Gonarthrosis is a degenerative disease of the knee joint that is particularly common in adults. The previous treatment is usually a physical therapy combined with the use of pain relievers. The present study verified and confirmed three important theses. (1) QRS reduces pain and increases functionality. (2) The advantage of QRS therapy remains. (3) Laboratory parameters related to inflammation improve. The effectiveness is significantly higher than the symptomatic therapy.

QRS weather sensitivity

From weather sensitivity to magnetic field therapy, Univ. Prof. Dr. G. Fischer, W. Kobinger

1st edition, 2001, German, 78 pages, ISBN 3-908560-00-4


In ancient times it was assumed that the weather influenced people. However, it was only in the 20th century that an interdisciplinary branch of knowledge was put on an exact scientific basis with biometeorology and its systematic research began. Alexander von Humboldt already used the following very broad definition of the bioclimate around 170 years ago: "The climate includes all changes in the atmosphere that affect our senses, namely temperature, humidity, changes in barometric pressure, wind, the magnitude of the electrical voltage, the purity of the atmosphere etc. and do not influence the feelings but also the mood of the human being ”(cit. n. Faust, 1978).

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